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Why I bought an almost 4 year old camera?

I decided to buy a Sony A7II, more often then not people ask why? Why not the A7rII or the A7RIII, while I did consider buying those cameras I had some things I had to consider, while I could afford any of the cameras cost still came into account, how much money will I make with the new camera? Will it pay off in the long run? I need a backup body for my A6500 which now it’s sort of the backup of the A7II.

I had my heart set on the A7rIII, so why did I change my mind? Well I that to stop listening to my heart and start to think as a business, also the 42mp is awesome for many things but for 99% of my clients I don’t need the 42mp, having 42mp is amazing but can also be daunting when you come home from an event and have to edit/review 500+ photos, the edits would take much longer and also the uploading to the client (my internet is not great). While I would love to own the A7rIII for now the A7II is enough for what I need, for once I decided to get what I really need rather then what I want, I could have waited for the new A7III but probably the costs would be higher and with new cameras we never know how they are performing, buying a camera that is a couple of years old gives me the benefit of knowing all its drawbacks and issues, also I needed a camera now so I didn’t want to wait for the maybe they will release in a month or maybe in 6.

My experience with the A7II so far has been good, I have a couple of trips coming up where I will really put it up to the test, I also decided to get the Sony 70-200 F2.8 and the Laowa 12mm F2.8. I will post my opinion on those lenses later on, I need to use them more to have a real opinion about them.

In the end of the day gear is just gear and even tho we all love gear sometimes we get more then we need.

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