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Visiting an Austrian lake

Starting the year shooting just as I like too, I decided to go to Traunsee in Austria, a very nice place with some interesting mountains and a big lake. As I arrived there during lunch time and the light was too harsh I decided to give it a try to my new Vffoto ND 15 stop filter. I currently own two filters from Vffoto, a 11 stop and a 15 stop, I did quite a good few shots with the 11 stop and I will post some results later. On the photo below I used the 14 stop and I have to say that filters are quite amazing, while I did not pay for the filters I was not paid to write about them, I used Hoya, B+W and Hitech filters in the past and the quality of these filters seem to be higher, you don’t get much of a color cast, and the build quality is spot on. I will write more about the 11 stop filter once I edit more of my work, hopefully in the future I will be able to test their CPL filter. 

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