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Traveling on a budget

Being a travel/landscape photographer requires a lot of travelling and we are always on a budget.

So how do I manage to go to some places where I go? Well I use several websites that help me to reach my goals. Websites like I check this website often and if I find a good deal I just take it.

When it comes down to Sleeping I use AirBnB (, this website is amazing, you will find a lot of good deals there. I also like to look for deals in but I’m using them less since I found AirBnB. You can also try couch-surfing which is an amazing way of getting to know new places and interact with the locals, as local people always have the best tips. Local hostels are often a great option but I personally don’t use them because of all the gear I take.

If you plan to hike you can always sleep in the car or take a sleeping bag with you and a tent. There are many good ways of travelling cheap, you just need to know where to find them.

These are just some examples and some websites I have used, there are tons of other websites that will allow you to reach the same goal, and if you know any website as useful as these ones, feel free to share.

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