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Another photo from the trip I made in Austria but this time I tried the new ND 11 filter from Vffoto, from the metal packaging to the amazing quality I have to say that Vffoto filters are very high quality, while I did not get paid to say this I did get the filter for free, with that being said I have used many types of filters before and many have big color casts, this one doesn’t have such a visible color cast, the build quality is on a slim bezel frame and I have to say the results are great. 

This photo was taken during the day, it was around 11.30am, I don’t often take photos at this time but when I do, I always use ND filters to cut much of the light, this photo was a 30s exposure and the reason why I used the ND filter was so I could get the reflection just spot on. It was pity that there were no clouds to “play” when I was shooting. 

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