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The Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten islands are located above the Artic circle in Norway and are a trendy destination for photographers around the world; I will recommend some must-go-to places in the Lofoten islands, I will focus only on places to go in the winter months.

Uttakleiv: It is probably the most photographed beach in the islands, it is a lovely place and easy to find, you have a stunning mountain in the background making this place quite popular for the Northern lights.


Skagsanden: Another fantastic beach is Skagsanden, you also have a stunning mountain in the background but you will find way fewer rocks, and you will easily get great mountain reflections.


Ytresand: This place is not a standard place you will see while you search around the area, make sure you drive all the way until the parking lot at the end of the road and enjoy the stunning view.


Sakrisoy: In this small village you will find the yellow fishing houses all around, you can hike up to Olenilsøya kystfort for a better view of the town, just make sure you have crampons with you.


Hamnoy: Hamnoy and its bridge is probably the second most popular area in the Lofoten, red fishing houses with stunning mountains right behind, call for great photos, and most likely you won’t be shooting there alone, very popular for sunrise and northern lights.


Reine: The most popular place in the islands by far, to get a good photo of this place I recommend arriving early, sunset and sunrise times get quite crowded, and you will be in for a hectic place.


These are probably my favorite places to shoot on the island; there are many more I could mention here, and you will see many places you will want to stop on the way to all these locations, just make sure you take crampons with you and proper clothing, the temperatures might not be as low as you expect but the winds can be powerful and you, might stand in the cold for a couple of hours waiting for the light.

If you have any questions about Lofoten, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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