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The castle and the right lens

What gear should you take? Well, in the example below I show the reason why I carry more lenses every time I go out.

I was just travelling through the country to prepare for a few days of shooting, and we decided to stop for dinner on the way, once we finished eating dinner I just looked at my favorite Slovak castle (Spiš Castle) and the moon was exactly in the right place, 😀 I was speechless when I saw it so I just ran to the car and drove closer to the castle, luckily I had my 70-200 lenses with me, I knew I was not going to need it for the shooting I had planned but I decided to take it anyway, and it paid off.

I usually don’t like to add stuff to the photos when they were not there, so I was very lucky to be able to get this shot and it made the difference having more lens with me.

In this particular shot I actually used two photos, the reason being that the moon is very bright and the castle is not, so I could either get the castle and blown out moon or have the moon and barely see the castle, so I just shot on a tripod and used two exposures for the different parts of the photo 🙂

Technical Information

  1. Canon 5D mark II

  2. 70-200L F4

  3. Aperture: F4

  4. ISO 500

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