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The bucket shot

The bucket shot, Every photographer has a list of places and photos they want to take, I’m no different and since I seen the first photo of Hallstatt 7 years ago I knew I wanted to take a picture of the place in the winter, it was not until 2017 that I went to Hallstatt for the first time but it was in June, I shot sunset and sunrise there and was not overly happy with my photo, but I knew all I wanted is the photo in the winter, two years have passed, and finally I got the window I was looking for, there was a massive snow storm last week in Austria that Isolated Hallstatt for a few days, so my first planned trip failed due to too much snow, I had scheduled to go there last Friday but roads were closed, been monitoring the weather on a daily basis and dreaming about the perfect conditions I saw the window of opportunity present to me yesterday, this was 6 days after my original planned date, the forecast gave us a sunny day with clouds, perfect for photography I thought, so I got up at 6 am picked up a friend (HDR Shooter) and drove almost 400 km to Hallstatt to take one single shot, people around me had one comment only, you are crazy by doing 800 km in one day just to take one photo, but well this is in my bucket list so what can I do? Wait another few years? No way I just decided to go for it, I decided to stop in the town of Altaussee before heading down to my final destination, roads were clean for the most part but the amount of snow in the area was crazy, after lunch a headed down to Hallstatt to get the shot I wanted to much, I waited for the sunset to try to get the best light and even tho I don’t think we had the best possible light I’m very happy with the final result, after blue hour we decided to head back home and we had a long but fulfilling day.

The bucket shot

Snowy Hallstatt

So this is the shot I always wanted, but you know where I really wanted to go shot…? What is in your bucket shot?

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