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Kirkjufell in the winter

Kirkjufell in probably the most photographed mountain in Iceland, I was there in 2014 for the first time and I was not super lucky with the weather, this time around I came to Iceland in the winter, hoping to see many frozen landscapes and a lot of snow, this was one of the places I imaged with snow and maybe even an Aurora (No aurora while I was there), but surprisingly enough there was almost no snow, we arrived the day before and did some sunset shooting in there but the light never came out and the mountain had zero snow, during the night there were some drizzles and light snow and this was the most amount of snow I managed to get, once again the weather didn’t deliver and the light never showed up, I guess better luck next time right? For a winter season, the weather was quite mild, around -1 but we had around 50kmh winds almost every day. Not the best shot from this mountain but I’m planning to come back soon enough to give it another try, let’s hope the weather will cooperate.

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