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It happens

Being a photographer you often end up doing stuff you normally wouldn’t, but on the photo I’m about to share it was different.Me and a friend of mine Claudio Andre from were doing a road trip in Ireland when we found a very nice rocky beach, so we decided to both go shooting it, when we arrived there I decided to go left and he decided to go right, after about 15 minutes of shooting Claudio is done and I hear him screaming, how did you get there? And I was wondering how did I got here? Very simple I just walked over to the left side and climb the small rocks, puzzled by his question I decide to pack up and head back, once I’m heading back I realize that the raising tide had created an island around me 🙂 well with no way “out” I had to take my shoes off lift my camera and move towards the water, this was in February if my memory is correct and I only remember that the Irish waters were freezing 😀 Luckily I had a spare pair of trousers that I could change-up.

This happens to me very often that I put myself wet or dirty on the way so I now always carry some extra cloths with me, also despise of what happen it was all worth it, and here are the photos of the event that I didn’t find so funny at that time 😉

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