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I love landscape but…

As most of you are now aware my favorite topic is landscape photography. Many people ask me why I don’t do portraits. Well my answer is very simple, I’m not good at it I would like to be but I’m not I just can’t connect to people to a level that would allow me to express myself. This picture was different, it’s of my daughter and on that day we decided to go for a walk and I wanted to try my new Canon 90 mm tilt shift lens, I was going to take a photo of the bench when my daughter asked me to take a photo of her, so I told her to just sit there and I will play around with the lens a bit. When I arrived home I came to realize that I just loved this particular shot, her expression is outstanding and I just love everything about it! As much as I love landscape there is nothing like the local pictures I take with my family and friends, as much as I love to be out there there is something special being right here.

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