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How to get Instagram followers

A question I get asked a lot lately is how did I get so many Instagram followers, honestly, I don’t have that many compared to many people on Instagram, I currently have 17.2k followers, last October I had around 400, so what did I do that made me grow organically like this?

I looked at many options online and read a lot about this topic, from buying followers to buying likes and the many super quick ways of getting many followers quickly, I decided has a business buying followers wouldn’t be viable because they are mostly from fake accounts that sooner or later will get caught and will be disabled, also if you buy followers you will have no engagement on your posts meaning that is also not good, so I tried several ways of gathering followers, I paid to promote some of my photos, but that didn’t give me much, I checked the best hashtags that I could use and made sure I had 30 of them, it is the max Instagram lets you use, and I had little success, so what did I do that differently?

Well I merely decided to engage with people, being active in liking and most important commenting on others peoples work, I checked followers that were following other accounts similar to mine, I engaged with them over comments for the most part, and before you know it there was a reply, people really like when you leave a comment, not just a lovely photo comment but a constructive comment, take time to check their work and comment on it, don’t give just a general message saying, excellent work or excellent job, really look at their work and be honest, with that being said this approach takes a very long time but it pays off in the end, I would also recommend doing stories, exciting stories will make your fan base to interact more with you, post often and at suitable times, I usually try to post in the morning in the US or late afternoon in the US, most of my followers are from the US so I have a higher chance of my post to be seen.

I keep trying new ways to approach Instagram, and some of them work others have failed, I no longer put many hashtags, from my experience the posts with less were getting more engagement than the ones with more, try to keep a theme on your page and please don’t spam other creators asking to promote your account.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram.

What is your approach when it comes to social media? let me know in the comments below.

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