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How to choose the right camera?

A very common question I get is what camera do you recommend?

Well its always a hard question to answer, I choose Canon for me for no particular reason, at the time I bought my first DSLR I had more friends with Canon, so I decided to go for Canon and this is one of the advice I give, check with your friends what they are using and that might help you choose, not because is the best but because is the most convenient, often you will want to try new lenses, buy or sell what you have, having friends with the same system as you will be a plus.

The second advice I usually give is try the camera, you will not choose the camera, the camera will choose you. No better then touch and feel to decide what feels right in your hand, if you will not enjoy the camera menu or how it feels in your hand you will most likely change or not use your camera as much as you would like.

When choosing a new camera size does matter, you have a lot of options and a lot of information on the web and that can be overwhelming at times, so you shouldn’t look in a million places to find the answers you are looking for, you should look in trusted websites, for me personally and I’m no expert, the best website is from Gordon Laing, he will give you more information then you bargain for and is very fair on his overall review.

I will advise everyone that is starting with photography to look into the mirrorless world, a lot of people will just look into the DSLR because of their name and they will overlook the mirrorless cameras because they are small, and small is not “good” well depending on what you are looking for it can be just enough. I use DSLR for myself for many reasons that I will not state now but if you are starting I would advise a mirrorless camera, which one? Well check the website above and you will get your answer. (After writing this article I did change my DSLR for a mirrorless camera.)

If you really wish to buy a DSLR, there are many good options out there, but I wouldn’t rule out my advice #1 and #2, in the end of the day is your money on the line so I won’t be saying this brand is better than another, every brand is different and whoever gives you what you want, is the brand you should purchase.

In the end of the day don’t forget that the best camera is the one you have with you and if you decided to go for a very big camera, it might happen that it won’t be with you when you will need it the most 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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