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As a hiker and a photographer I struggled to find the best combo between carrying my camera gear and my hiking gear, I used to have a F-stop bag when I had an SLR but removing the bag every time I wanted to take a shot was problem, so I “fixed” it by getting a a Peak Design capture Pro clip but while that option was good the camera was unprotected from the elements. Also the F-stop bag was too big for me and I couldn’t adjust the back like on normal hiking backpacks. The more I hiked the more I’m conscious of the weight I’m carrying, I often hike for several days so I need to take tent/sleeping bag, food water etc. Once I decided to go ultralight I struggled to find a good way to carry my Sony a6500, until I found the Zpacks 4 in 1 the bag is ultralight (57g) being made from cuben fiber makes this bag waterproof.

As you can see in the picture above I’m using it while climbing a waterfall. I takes me 30s to take a picture and I love this new bag, I use it as a chest pack as you can see, I decided to put the camera inside a zip lock bag just to be certain that water wouldn’t come in, but I is not necessary, the zipper is also waterproof and after walking on the rain for 6h and going up waterfalls the day after, the camera didn’t have one single drop. Another thing I like on this bag is that I attach it totally to the backpack and I do not have to have it “on me”. The pack is big enough for my Sony a6500 with a 10-18 or with my 24-70, I can use either lens that they simply fit without any issues. This is not a standard review but it is my view on this bag from a photographers perspective.

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