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Do we need a CPL filter?

With software developing at such rapid speeds, people often ask me if I still use filters, and if they can’t emulate the filter in Photoshop. 

While I still use filter and I try to get the most I can in camera, there is one filter that can’t be replaced by any software (yet), the CPL (Polarizer). While this filter needs to be used only in certain situations I feel it is a must have in landscape photography, this filter will help you enhance some colors and will remove any reflections or glare that you might have, I often use it when I have water, water is very reflective as we all know and that is great but it also picks up glare, so I often use the CPL to remove that glare and have better colors.

While this is not a sponsored post I did get the CPL filter for free from VFFOTO, while this filters are not very well known around it is a brand I got the chance to try and I have to say that I was very surprised, the first filters I used from them were the 11 stops and the 15 stops, because I liked those filters so much I had to try the CPL and I have to say the quality did not disappoint, it is a brand I have no affiliation with but they do quality filters for better prices and a lot of the competition.

In the photo below I managed to pull up more green and remove the glare I had on the right hand side of the image. 

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