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Budapest with the Sony A7III

I had a business trip recently to Budapest, and while the weather was way too hot to photograph I did some evening shooting, I did try to shoot at sunrise, and I woke up every day at 4 am but the sky was boring so I decided to sleep in every day, not exactly what I had in plan, but that is photography.

I took advantage to test my new camera the Sony A7III with also a new lens the Sony 16-35 F4, I been using the a6500 with a 10-18 for over a year now and while I had a full frame Canon body in the past when I made a move back to Sony I decided to go back to APS-C because of the size, obviously these two cameras are not comparable but there were a few image quality annoyances I had with the 10-18. With that being said the a6500 and 10-18 will probably still be my go-to camera when I have multiday hiking planned.

When I first old the A7III I said to myself, finally Sony managed to get there, the grip was just right on, I also owned an A7II and the A7III feels much better, with the dual slot card and a Z-battery this camera has everything I need, I did not have a chance yet to see how good the battery is because I only took around 240 photos, I can say that the battery dropped 20% or so in the course of that time.

parliament, Budapest, bridge, island, Hungary, Budapest with the Sony A7III

Budapest Parliament

Above you have one of my photos taken with the setup I mentioned above and one of the things I like the most is the light star created around street lamps the 10-18 produces horrible results in these type of conditions (in my opinion), this shot was taken from Margaret Island, just below the three connection bridge.

Budapest with Sony A7III & Sony 70-200 f2.8

While I wanted to test the new setup I also decided to take my 70-200 lens, Budapest is a fantastic city and has an excellent viewpoint on the Buda side to pest but I recommend taking a telephoto if you want to get close and personal with the subjects I will show you two photos I took while waiting for the sunset in the Citadel, the second photo is not my typical photo I like the overall look of it.

Budapest, Parliament, chain bridge, citadel, Hungary, night photo, longexposure, Budapest with the Sony A7III

Budapest Parliament

From the Citadel you have a few viewpoints to Pest and also to Buda, the first shot I decided to shoot Pest and in the shoot below I decided to shoot the castle that is in Buda and to my right-hand side, if you choose to go shot from the Citadel make sure you arrive early, there is a lot of people waiting for the sunset and can be hard to find a good place to shoot.

Castle, Budapest, Hungary, longexposure, Sony a7iii, sony 70-200 F2.8, Budapest with the Sony A7III

Budapest castle

Have you been to Budapest? Leave a comment with your favorite places.

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