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This will be my first post in my blog series, on this post I will talk a bit about what I did to get the final image of the Chain Bridge in Budapest.

I started off with a 5 bracket shot but I decided to use only 3 of my exposures to edit this piece, I manually blend this 3 images together.

After uploading the 3 photos into Photoshop I cropped the image and remove the cables across the water with the clone tool, once that was done I used a preset Action in Photoshop that is based on the Luminance Technique so I can have all sorts of Tonal range.

I start by masking the mid-tones so I can get more details on the bridge and buildings in the foreground, after I mask the darker image I got to pull out more detail of the sunset yellow color.

I merge the layers, and now I will smooth the water a little bit a Gaussian Blur, after I masked 3 curves with different luminance and a overall Hue/Saturation for a better sky.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask, my tutorials won’t be into very deep detail but you will have an idea on what I did and why.

Final result

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