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Decided to go with Miroslav Petrasko from to take some photos yesterday afternoon and we were very lucky with the sunset we got.

I was doing mostly 5 bracketing shots but because of the vibration of the Bridge we were standing I was only able to use single shots and couldn’t blend them together.

On this shot I made used the fluorescent white balance in Lightroom because i wanted to have a colder colors, after that I Dodge the bridge and the water so i could have more detail, I used just a little bit of vibrance and I made a small crop on the left side of the image.

Technical Information:

  1. Photoshop and Lightroom

  2. Canon 5D mark III

  3. Canon 24-70L F2.8

  4. 70mm

  5. Exposure: 4s

  6. Aperture: F11

  7. ISO 100

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