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Behind the scenes

Many people do behind the scenes shots, and of course many people complain about them. I do those type of shots because I really like it, in this post I will share some of them with you. And in my next blog post you will be able to see what photos I manage to get from this behind the scenes, I will not post all of them but you will get some examples.

Stay tuned.

In High Tatras, I realized that a lot of times the best photos I take it’s on the way to the final destination, that’s why I like hiking, I have my goal to reach certain point but the way there provides me with so many possibilities 🙂

Also taken in the Tatra mountains on this shot I moved more than I should have to get the right shot, in Tatras is not advised to move away from mark paths but I have to do it sometimes, in this particular place I got bitten in my leg by some bug, no more shorts for Tatras. (lesson learned) 😀

In Ireland, experimenting a new lens. I often lay on the floor to get different perspectives and I always get this weird looks from people around 😀

In Portugal

Again in Portugal, the interesting Story on this trip was me and a fellow photographer drove for about 450 km, reached our destination and once we started shooting my friends camera broke down 🙁 and we didn’t have any backup camera either, another lesson learned 😉 we had a 3 day trip planned that could have been ruined if he didn’t go to replace is damaged camera 🙂

Strbske Pleso in High Tatras

Again in High Tatras, I think this photo says it all 😀

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