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A year in review

And another year comes to an end, this was the year I made changes, I decided to become a pro photographer, I changed camera system and I travel quite a bit. Last year I sold all my Canon gear and this year I bought my first Sony, the first trip I did with it was to Prague, shortly after that I had my Aurora hunting trip planned in Lofoten Norway. In Norway I got to meet Colby Brown,  Peyton Hale and Henry Yee personally, been talking with them for years but never seen them before, Henry actually was there with me and Claudio Andre.

This year I was very fortunate to photograph Czech republic, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, UK and Romania. 

I will share below some of my favorite images of this year, 2018 looks very exiting and I have many new ideas and experiences planned. 

Lofoten, Norway

Reine, Norway

Python Bridge, Amsterdam

Bokod, Hungary

Pieniny National Park, Slovakia

Strbske please, Slovakia

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