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A Year in Reflection: 2013

And we reached the end of another year, this year I didn’t have a chance to travel a lot but I’m happy I got the chance to explore more of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary and Portugal (In a few weeks). In this post I will share my favorite photos of 2013, I will not post any photos from Portugal because I will just go later this month and any possible shots will be processed in early 2014.

My biggest photography achievements of the year were starting this blog which I wanted to do for the last 4 years and a private exhibition in a multinational company.

So I went to Prague for my birthday and it was my first time, so being in a city for a first time can be overwhelming so I didn’t take as many shots as I would like too, I plan to go back soon.

In Easter time we decided to go to High Tatras here in Slovakia, on the way back home I took this shot, the reflection that day was amazing.

In June I went to Denmark and I stayed for one week and a half and I had a great time, it was not a photo trip but of course I did some shooting 🙂

I returned to High Tatras in July just for a weekend, this was a celebration weekend so photos were kept to a minimum.

SNP bridge in Bratislava

Apollo bridge in Bratislava

In August we went to Orava, again in Slovakia for a few days trip, I have not worked all the shots from the trip yet.

In September I went to Budapest for a shooting weekend and this is my favorite shot.

In November I went to High Tatras again, I like to go there in different times of the year. I still have a lot to explore in there and I hope I will be back soon.

While doing this sunset shot I almost froze, it was windy and temperatures were below zero. I didn’t have any gloves, 🙂 but was well worth it 🙂

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