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A year after Canon

It has been a bit more than a year now that I have changed my camera setup, I used Canon for over 12 years, and I decided to switch to Sony, the main reason I decided to switch was that I often hike and the Canon was just too big and bulky, I owned a Canon 5D Mark III, with 5 lenses. I loved my Canon it was very versatile, and the image quality was excellent, it came for many of you as a surprise when I decided to sell everything and buy a Sony a6500, going from a full-frame to an APC-S was a downgrade, to be fair for me was a downgrade in gear but an upgrade in my photography if that makes sense, I got most of the lenses I needed and due to needing a backup I decided to buy my second Sony, I bought a Sony A7II which I sold and I’m replacing it with the Sony A7III.

Canon 5D mark III

After over a year I still believe I made the right choice, I can now choose between a hiking setup and a not so portable setup with the number of lenses I have, yes battery life in the a6500 is terrible compared with an SLR, but that is finally fixed in the A7III, apart from battery life almost everything else is better in the Sony for me, this is my personal opinion, and I know many will disagree.

Sony a6500

At the end of the day doesn’t matter what brand you use, as far as you use it, I know many people like to defend their buying choices. I use the brand I feel it’s best for me at the time If by any chance I think that I Canon will be the best fit for me I will come back to Canon.

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