The downgrade of my camera and the upgrade of my photography

I used to have a dream camera kit, I owned a Canon 5D mark III I had 5 lens and everything was great in terms of camera gear, but I hike very often and I realize that I was not taking my camera out as much as I should, I was doing some phone photography for a while but that was not good enough for me. Having this dream kit at home while I was out and about in the nature didn’t seem right, so one day I decided that I had enough of heavy duty cameras, as much as the quality is amazing the camera being at home won’t bring me any benefit.
So I decided to sell all my camera gear, and buy a Sony A6500 with only two lens for now (10-18 & 24-70).
lofoten, norway, sony, sony a6500, sony 10-18, moutains, sunsetInteresting enough my first trip after I purchase the Sony was to Lofoten, Norway a place where I was by car all the time and size and weight were not an issue, I wondered how the camera would perform and if I actually made the right choice. On this trip I also took a Sony a7r with a metabones adapter and a Canon 16-35 F2.8 to shoot the Northern lights.
I have the camera for about one month and around 2k shoots on it, I have to say that I did make the right decision, in the future I might be looking into a full frame from Sony but for now this is the right setup for me.

lofoten, norway, sunset, houses, red, lake
norway, lofoten, northern lights, aurora borealis, mountains, long exposure