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Why should it be real?

People often complain about Photoshop, oh no this photo has too much Photoshop, oh this doesn’t look real, and my question for those people is, when in any post or any place I stated I was showing reality? Yes my photos are not supposed to be real, they are supposed to be what I want them to be, the feeling I had about the place, I like to make things different, I’m not sure if its good or bad, but that’s me. I like to do long exposure and see all the clouds moving in a way is humanly impossible, I like to make my photos underexposed or dark for some of you, I like to do HDR and sometimes I go over the top and that’s ok too, you know why? Because its my vision and it’s my art and I’m the one that decides how I should portray it 🙂

I will post a before and after shot in here of an image that has been quite popular and I actually like it very much.

I find the original shot that is (below) rather boring, the weather was not helping me out and by doing a HDR from a single shot I was able to get the result above, and I’m quite satisfied with it, I did not add anything to the sky on the photo it just came out like that after I ran it over Photomatix 🙂

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