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The Globe

This photo was taken a few years ago in Portmarnock (Ireland), and it was one of my most popular photos, was part of the group of my first selling photos as well.

After I walked for about 3km down the coast of Ireland looking for rocks and interesting subjects I reached the Portmarnock beach, in this beach they have this monument that Commemorates the first circumnavigation of the globe by aeroplane in 1930, this beach was used as a lunch pad for such iconic event.

The day was overcast and many clouds were in the sky so I decided to do a long exposure and once I saw the result I split toning the colors to reach the final result.

I was fortunate to get this as a Daily Deviation in

Technical Information

  1. Photoshop

  2. Canon 40D

  3. Canon 10-22

  4. 10mm

  5. Exposure: 56s

  6. Aperture: F.22

  7. ISO 100

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