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Long exposure

It all started back in 2008, when I was seeking inspiration in a popular website (Deviantart) that I found this amazing photo from Denis Olivier that was in long exposure, was puzzled and speechless at the same time, my knowledge of photography was very low back when and I wondered how he took a long exposure shot, obviously at that time I didn’t even know what long exposure was, so it was quite hard to find more photos of the same style. After several attempts I did find what was the name of the technique and how I could do it myself. So I ordered a ND400 to stop the light coming inside the sensor allowing me to do long exposures during the day. That was the changing point in my photography, I started going out of the house to shot and started to take long exposures of pretty much everything I can imagine, from cars to people to watches or books, everything could be a long exposure subject, that also allowed my creativity to kick in and do some great work. Currently I don’t do as much long exposure as I used to do, I still plan to come back to it, but with the time and experience I started to realize what really works and what doesn’t for long exposures, now I like to mix styles and techniques to archive my idea. I will post down some long exposures have done over the years. I will create a short tutorial at a later stage about long exposure at a later stage.

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