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From the light that never came to the waterfalls with no water

I’m in Portugal at the moment, and finding time for shooting is very challenging, being from here and being away for almost 10 years makes me very busy when I’m around, so I can’t spend much time doing it.

This past Sunday I decided to re-shoot a waterfall I previously shot, to realize that the waterfall had no water and that we couldn’t possibly get any good results from it. We decided then to wait for sunset, that was about 5hrs. away at this point, but the sky was clear and the sun was shining. At around 4.30pm we reached our final destination in Adraga beach to shoot, to realize that a storm was closing in, not great news for sunset work. Well we hoped and kept waiting for some light to come, the sky was clear on the left-hand side but the clouds on the right were way too strong. So in the end I “wasted” a day of shooting and I didn’t manage to get what I wanted, I did take some shots that might be worth working on but we will have to wait and see.

After the sunset fiasco we headed down for dinner and we found an interesting place to do some long exposures, I hope the results will be worth posting.

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