Long exposure guide

I have to admit that I'm a long exposure "fanatic" this type of photography captured my attention many years ago

Do we need a CPL filter?

With software developing at such rapid speeds, people often ask me if I still use filters, and if they can't emulate the filter in Photoshop. 


Infrared photography, what is needed? I’m no expert in Infrared Photography but I enjoy doing it! Well to start with infrared photography you will need an IR filter (I use Hoya R72), a tripod and a camera. Not all cameras will allow you to take photos in Infrared. To know if your camera can allow … Infrared Read More »


This will be my first post in my blog series, on this post I will talk a bit about what I did to get the final image of the Chain Bridge in Budapest. I started off with a 5 bracket shot but I decided to use only 3 of my exposures to edit this piece, … Budapest Read More »