Gift ideas

With the holidays coming I decided to make a list of items that I currently own and recommend as gift ideas, all the items mentioned are items that I use.

xp-pen 13

A super-portable screen with a 13.3-inch display area and featuring a convenient 3-in-1 cable design. There’s no need to use any adapter and it quickly connects to your computer. Easily place it on your tabletop or anywhere to simplify your workspace and power your creativity.

For the price and money you won’t find a better deal around, it is also great as a first tablet, I own one and recommend it 100%.

There is no secret that I love my Vallerret photography gloves, I currently own almost all models and I use them all the time, depending on where you will photography Vallerret got you covered with their different lineup.

From the backcountry powder to dark nights shooting the Northern lights, the “Ipsoot” enables you to extend your session and capture those invaluable shots during the darkest days of winter.

If you are looking for an action camera this Insta360 one R 1-inch edition is for you, co-engineered with Leica you get for the first time in an action camera a 1-inch sensor, the camera is also modular so that means that you don’t need to buy another camera if you would like to do for example 360, you can get the module you need for your type of work and use on the same camera. For the price of one camera, you get a great two in one system, a 360 camera and a 1-inch sensor wide camera that can shoot at 5.7k.

One of the best items I got this year was the upgrade I made for my ball-head, I’m working on a review right now about this but I had to mention, I have used many different ball-heads in the past and my Manfrotto head was the go-to ball-head, but once I changed my tripod I decided to give Benro a try, which I have to say it was very disappointing, having two tripods but only one ball head I actually liked I decided to give Acratech GXP a try, and I have to say that I’m blown away but the difference, this is the smoothest ball-head I ever used, I love the quick release clamp and the overall built quality is superb. 

When it comes to backpacks there is only one brand I use, Shimoda designs, I have used many bags but for me, this is the best bag I used to date, I currently use the Shimoda Action x 50, it is a great bag for hiking and photography at the same time, it always travels with me and I never had to check-in, the size is just the right size for the overhead compartment on a plane. I take this bag everywhere and its the perfect size for me, due to the fact you can roll the top the bag can be bigger or smaller depending on what you are carrying, I also love the fact that I can regulate the shoulder straps to fit my size, the bag is waterproof and very resistant.

When it comes to filters I have been using Formatt Hitech for years, I can’t recommend them enough, I currently used their Firecrest Ultra, but want to give a try to their new Onyx filter set, they are supposed to be stronger and more durable than regular filters, so I really need to give those a try. 

My most used filters are the:

  • Firecrest 100mm ND 1.8

  • Firecrest 100x150mm ND Soft Edge Grad 0.6

  • Firecrest 100mm ND 3.0
  • Firecrest 82mm Ultraslim polariser