The Globe

This photo was taken a few years ago in Portmarnock (Ireland), and it was one of my most popular photos, was part of the group of my first selling photos as well. After I walked for about 3km down the coast of Ireland looking for rocks and interesting subjects I reached the Portmarnock beach, in … The Globe Read More »


Decided to go with Miroslav Petrasko from to take some photos yesterday afternoon and we were very lucky with the sunset we got. I was doing mostly 5 bracketing shots but because of the vibration of the Bridge we were standing I was only able to use single shots and couldn’t blend them together. On this … Bratislava Read More »


This will be my first post in my blog series, on this post I will talk a bit about what I did to get the final image of the Chain Bridge in Budapest. I started off with a 5 bracket shot but I decided to use only 3 of my exposures to edit this piece, … Budapest Read More »