And I thought I was done

After my photo of the sunset I post previously, I decided to call it a day. I packed all my gear and decided to get a some coffee. We arrived to the coffee shop and we ordered some coffee, when I looked outside and realize that I was not done shooting for the day 🙂 … And I thought I was done Read More »

Serra da Arrábida

After I arrived to Portugal I went to visit a very good friend of mine. We decided to go up the Serra da Arrábida natural park. While in there we waited for the sunset and I captured several good images, but I think I like this one the most.


This photo is very popular and I personally love it 🙂 Taken during my 365 day project, this photo was taken in Slovakia and it was a lucky shot I guess. Walking with a friend down to a forest I saw this view and I had to get a shot out of it, I don’t … Waiting Read More »

From the light that never came to the waterfalls with no water

I’m in Portugal at the moment, and finding time for shooting is very challenging, being from here and being away for almost 10 years makes me very busy when I’m around, so I can’t spend much time doing it. This past Sunday I decided to re-shoot a waterfall I previously shot, to realize that the … From the light that never came to the waterfalls with no water Read More »

Traveling on a budget

Being a travel/landscape photographer requires a lot of travelling and we are always on a budget. So how do I manage to go to some places where I go? Well I use several websites that help me to reach my goals. Websites like I check this website often and if I find a good … Traveling on a budget Read More »

Results from behind the scenes

As promised here are some of the results from behind the scenes 🙂 I don’t have many from those exact photos sorry about that 😀 I’m traveling to Portugal for 10 days and then going to mountains where I hopefully get some interesting work done. I know this is a very brief post but as … Results from behind the scenes Read More »

Behind the scenes

Many people do behind the scenes shots, and of course many people complain about them. I do those type of shots because I really like it, in this post I will share some of them with you. And in my next blog post you will be able to see what photos I manage to get … Behind the scenes Read More »

A Year in Reflection: 2013

And we reached the end of another year, this year I didn’t have a chance to travel a lot but I’m happy I got the chance to explore more of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary and Portugal (In a few weeks). In this post I will share my favorite photos of 2013, I will not … A Year in Reflection: 2013 Read More »

Why should it be real?

People often complain about Photoshop, oh no this photo has too much Photoshop, oh this doesn’t look real, and my question for those people is, when in any post or any place I stated I was showing reality? Yes my photos are not supposed to be real, they are supposed to be what I want … Why should it be real? Read More »

The castle and the right lens

What gear should you take? Well, in the example below I show the reason why I carry more lenses every time I go out. I was just travelling through the country to prepare for a few days of shooting, and we decided to stop for dinner on the way, once we finished eating dinner I just … The castle and the right lens Read More »

It happens

Being a photographer you often end up doing stuff you normally wouldn’t, but on the photo I’m about to share it was different.Me and a friend of mine Claudio Andre from were doing a road trip in Ireland when we found a very nice rocky beach, so we decided to both go shooting it, … It happens Read More »

The Globe

This photo was taken a few years ago in Portmarnock (Ireland), and it was one of my most popular photos, was part of the group of my first selling photos as well. After I walked for about 3km down the coast of Ireland looking for rocks and interesting subjects I reached the Portmarnock beach, in … The Globe Read More »


Decided to go with Miroslav Petrasko from to take some photos yesterday afternoon and we were very lucky with the sunset we got. I was doing mostly 5 bracketing shots but because of the vibration of the Bridge we were standing I was only able to use single shots and couldn’t blend them together. On this … Bratislava Read More »


This will be my first post in my blog series, on this post I will talk a bit about what I did to get the final image of the Chain Bridge in Budapest. I started off with a 5 bracket shot but I decided to use only 3 of my exposures to edit this piece, … Budapest Read More »