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Hello! I am Pedro!

 I am truly honoured that you stumbled upon my work. Capturing the mother Earth, and sharing her beauties with you is a privilege for me. Take your time, enjoy the pictures you can find in the gallery and thank you for visiting! 


Professional Landscape Photographer

I consider myself as a lucky person as I get to do what I love the most for living. I’ve been a professional landscape photographer for 4 years, and I would never exchange my lifestyle and work for anything else. 

Upcoming Photo Tours

February 18th – 25th, 2023

Join us this winter as we embark on an adventure in Lofoten unlike any other.


Come join us in Italy for an incredible Dolomites Photography Workshop experience of a lifetime.

Tabuk Scouting Trip

Photograph incredible mountains, valleys, sand dunes, and unique rock formations.

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XP-Pen Artist Display 24 Pro

This is the third XP-Pen Device I reviewed recently. The last one was the XP-Pen Artists 13.3Pro, a small slick and portable device. The XP-Pen Artist Display 24 Pro lives on the other end of the spectrum, it is massive. With a 2k QHD display with a resolution of 2560×1440 with 123% sRGB and 20 shortcut keys, this makes it for the ultimate editing display tablet out there. Specs: Dimensions – 632 x 370 x 44.8mm Display Area – 526.85 x 296.35mm Color Gamut – 88% NTSC, Adobe RGB 90%, sRGB 120% color gamut Display Resolution – 2560 x 1440 Stylus –

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xp-pen 13

Gift ideas

With the holidays coming I decided to make a list of items that I currently own and recommend as gift ideas, all the items mentioned are items that I use. A super-portable screen with a 13.3-inch display area and featuring a convenient 3-in-1 cable design. There’s no need to use any adapter and it quickly connects to your computer. Easily place it on your tabletop or anywhere to simplify your workspace and power your creativity. For the price and money you won’t find a better deal around, it is also great as a first tablet, I own one and recommend

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